Monday, July 27, 2009

My First Day without Olivia 12 weeks of staying at home and taking care of Olivia came to an end today. I dropped off Olivia at Ms. Ejs and I of course cried like a baby knowing that I would not get to spend all day with her. Olivia was all smiles when I left her at Ms. Ej's and I know that she will enjoy it there.

Work on the other hand was a bit depressing to return to. In the 3 months I was off there has been lay offs and 3 deaths within the company. One in particular a coworker of mine who I sat next too passed away from cancer at a young age of 51. It was all sudden and we were very surprised that she passed away so soon.

Below are a few pics of Olivia that I took during my time off.

Loving her binkie

One of the first times she sat up on the couch

Olivia likes her bumbo

The first time I took her to Ms. Ejs